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About WLP

Work Life Parent provides innovative solutions for the modern demands today’s working mom faces. We focus on helping moms return to work, parent from a place of sanity, and pursue better self-care, something we hold sacred at WLP. And because we are the company we keep, we surround our readers with inspirational stories from women who continue to pursue ways to do this. Our ultimate goal is to help each mom find a happy work-life-parent balance. 

About Me

Hi! I’m Deborah. I’m a Canadian-born, Los Angeles-based writer and a mommy to two beautiful girls. I’m also a big dreamer. But when I became a mom, I started to see my goals slip through my fingers.

In 2009, I left a career in finance — and my hubby, temporarily — to pursue my passion for writing. Just two years into our marriage, I departed for New York to attend journalism school, while he finished up his training in Michigan.

Switching careers and placing my new marriage under the strain of long distance was a bold move but it was always important to have my own identity — and a sense of purpose. Not just a paycheck. I felt like a pioneer!

I graduated at the height of the Great Recession when the magazine industry imploded. I looked for my dream job for a year, but couldn’t find it. It was just as well since I soon became pregnant. My new bundle of joy quickly turned into two.

While I did some freelance work writing about parenting, a newly minted interest, the whole nature of work became dizzyingly exhausting with two babies in tow — both balancing work and trying to find work that aligned with my personal life. It was then, perhaps, that I became complacent in my life.

Work Life Parent was born out of this struggle for better balance and a better way to live.

I’m in the pursuit to find a work-life-parent balance that harmonizes intangibles with tangibles, purpose with duty, sacrifice with self-fulfillment. I’m here to help discover what that balance looks like for you because, well, I happen to find a lot of fulfillment and purpose in that.